February 6, 2023

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At ADMD, we started commercial operations in the year 2000, specializing in the manufacturing of high quality medical devices. Over the years, we expanded our market share and offerings by introducing a range of standard single use syringes, IV infusion sets and IV Cannula.

In 2003, as part of our contribution to injection safety, we commissioned a new production line dedicated to Auto-Disable (AD) syringes – becoming the first and only manufacturer of AD syringes in the Middle East and Africa. AD syringes virtually eliminate the risk of patient-to-patient infection via blood-borne pathogens (such as Hepatitis B or HIV) because they cannot be refilled and reused. Our syringes enjoy global quality approvals and certifications from bodies such as the ISO and World Health Organization (WHO). We are the only WHO-approved manufacturer of AD syringes in the Middle East, producing over 300 million units per year.

Our key markets include Iraq and the Indian subcontinent, where our products have been helping to deliver the best possible care at the lowest cost possible. Our strong partnership with PAHO and UNICEF has led to new opportunities throughout Latin America and Africa.

Our reputation for quality and safety, endorsed by WHO and Health Ministries worldwide,
has led to increased market shares and
rapidly expanding production capabilities.
Today, our product lines enjoy a growing
demand in over 60 countries across
the Middle East, Africa, the Indian
subcontinent and the Far East.

Our Website:- www.admd.com


Abu Dhabi Medical Devices LLC
Abu Dhabi Medical Devices LLC

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