January 29, 2023

About Company

To be a world class business provider, building better and sustainable future for local community.

To enhance and grow our core metal recycling business internationally, while also developing innovative solutions for the benefits of all our business partners.

Our values
➢ Safeguarding of the environment by utilizing innovative technologies, reservation natural resources and use renewable energy sources.
➢ Integrity, transparency, honesty, fairness and mutual respect in managing the company and in its relations with stakeholders and business partners.
➢ Valuing diversity and cultural identity.
➢ Developing a high standard safety at work, professional growth and human rights.

Our Website : www.armmetalrecycling.com


Al Rukn Al Mutamad Metal Smelting & Moulding LLC
Al Rukn Al Mutamad Metal Smelting & Moulding LLC

Contact Details

Al-Rukn Metal,Industrial Area12, Sharjah,

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