February 6, 2023

About Company

Al Semsam Building Materials offers a wide range of quality building products to the construction industry, from internal and external drainage & access products,

to calcium silicate boards, cement fibre boards, copper pipe fittings, glass fibre mesh. Having begun its operations in 1995, for nearly a quarter century it is been supplying the construction sector in the UAE with tiling and profile trims too.

Al Semsam also offers a complete range of warehouse racking products and takes up warehouse racking installation.
The latest addition to the business has been our Passive Fire Protection business which offers solutions of up to four hours fire protection for structures. Among our partners in this business are Promat, BACH-Spain, Stalprofil – Sweden, Vetrotech and TRESPA-Netherlands.

Al Semsam is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Al Semsam Building Materials LLC
Al Semsam Building Materials LLC

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48853, Dubai, UAE

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