May 28, 2022
Alpin Limited
Alpin Limited

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P.O. Box 135097 Office 118, Courtyard Incubator Building Masdar Institute Masdar City, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

About Company

We are in the business of turning exciting designs into outstanding realities that also live up to our aim of supporting a more sustainable future.
We believe that staying true to the vision is the most crucial part of working on a project. With more than a decade of expertise in independent commissioning, green building design and sustainable construction, we have what it takes to ensure your development meets, and indeed, surpasses your expectations. We’ve worked with a diverse range of developments, everything from large-scale airports and hospital projects to high-tech laboratories and schools. Here’s how we can work together to steer your vision in the right direction:

Commissioning is at the heart of what we do. It’s a vital process that is employed right from the first design stages through to handover and beyond, to help guarantee the operational success of your project. Our owners and developers have commissioned our expertise in everything from high tech laboratories to high performance schools.

Smart city design
Cities & Sustainable Masterplanning
When it comes to creating a community that promotes sustainable living, we leave no stone unturned. We look at everything from water and transport to waste and materials to build an impressive blueprint for communities that stand to work in harmony with their environment.

Operational Efficiency
Developing high performance green buildings is one thing. Laying down a roadmap for ongoing sustainable operations is another. Our highly trained consultants have it covered, ensuring that whether you select ASHRAE audits or LEED EBOM, your project will excel in operational efficiency for many years to come.

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