February 6, 2023

About Company

ConsultantHSS (CHSS) and associates are an integrated multi-disciplinary engineering
Group, with a vast global network of offices and partners comprising of a work force of over
2200 people that includes over 1100 professionals, the Group is considered as one of the
largest engineering Groups in Asia.

Since establishment, our Group has made considerable advancements, developed new strategies and embarked on bold and new innovative and creative initiatives that allowed us to solve complex problems and overcome challenges facing the engineering and building industry on a global level.

CHSS is a one-stop-services provider and this is reflected in our continuous outstanding
contribution to the development of Engineering.

With our focused and determined leadership harnessing our professional’s collective abilities and creative thinking to produce innovative solutions and strategies, this allowed us to elevate our achievements BEYOND ENGINEERING.

Our Expertise is evident in the following Engineering Disciplines:

• Infrastructure Engineering
• Civil & Structural Engineering
• Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
• Architecture Design
• Construction Engineering
• Transportation Planning
• Ports Engineering
• Project Management
• Quantity Surveying & Cost Control
• Hydraulics & Coastal Engineering
• Water Resources
• Water, Sewage and Irrigation
• Landscaping
• Urban Planning Engineering
• Strategic Planning & Feasibility Study

Our Profile: CHSS-MENA Brochure

Our Website: wwwchss.ae



Contact Details

00971-43472556 Fax: 00971-43472557
P.O.Box: 183921 Dubai, U.A.E

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