February 6, 2023

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Ghantoot Group is an organization that has varied business interests and has always come up with innovative business ideas. The fields of interest are diversified to different sectors such as: 1. Infrastructure Works; Roads & Bridges, Power Networks, Water Networks, Sewerage Lines, etc .2. Building Constructions; Residential, Commercial Complexes, in addition to Substation Buildings. 3. Transportation & Marine Works 4. Manufacturing Facilities; Industrial – Power transformers & Switchgears Medical – Pharmacare for pharmaceutical Items We have proven for over 25 years that Ghantoot Group has been presenting with some of the finest developments in history of U.A.E. Ghantoot – Electrical Projects Division (GTGC-EPD) has been experienced and involved with the increasing demands of infrastructure works as well as in projects requiring technological knowledge and intensive engineering. Additionally, the introduction of up to date products for power transmission and distribution networks to meet the need of the market and reach the high quality and goals required by the Utility. Ghantoot – EPD has participated in many projects of high, medium and low voltage networks for the Utilities, Oil & Gas Sector as well as private developers

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Ghantoot Group
Ghantoot Group

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Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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