February 6, 2023

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In 1982, the dream became a reality. A reality that no contractor within the UAE and the GCC is able to deny. A reality that was developed on solid basis of quality, honesty, transparency and perseverance which still uphold Machinery Enterprises L.L.C. foundations. In the year 1982 at Dubai, UAE, three men with tremendous strong hearts dedicated themselves to achieve their ultimate dream. The dream of having a small company become one of the key players in UAE construction equipment industry.
In 1998, the three men optimized their prowess in pursuing the saying “If we do not expand, we suffocate”, the founders established a new branch in the mighty capital Abu Dhabi, reaching closer to its clientele.

Satisfying the construction market’s needs, providing affordable and quality products, effective and efficient services and maintain level of integrity in professionalism.

Our aim is to reach the status of being known as the leaders in the Fast Moving Construction Equipment industry.


Machinery Enterprises LLC
Machinery Enterprises LLC

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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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