February 9, 2023

About Company

MNG ZEMTAS Co. Inc. was founded in 1987 specialized in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering for 28 years.Company involves in implementation process of international and national projects by means of newest equipment’s and Mechinery Park.

MNG ZEMTAS Co. Inc. has participated to and completed many projects on international and national level. Our goal is to find most feasible and economical solutions in scope of safe and economically designed principles through the implementation process.

Scope of Works:
Geotechnical Design
Foundation Enginnering Applications
Instrumentation & Monitoring
Pile Loading Test
Road Crossing (Horizontal and Drilling and Assembling Steel and Concrete Pipes)

Our Website: www.mngzemtas.com



MNG Zemtas Soil & Foundation Engineering Construction
MNG Zemtas Soil & Foundation Engineering Construction

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P.O.Box: 115112 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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