February 6, 2023

About Company

Satma International ( L.L.C) has been established as a contracting company in K.S.A Specialised in field of Hardscaping, Landscaping, Irrigation & Swimming Pools System design & Execution.

SATMA believes that environment is a group of physical and artificial factors surrounding the human being and affecting his health and living, as they affect directly or indirectly his production. Hence, SATMA strives to meet the needs of individuals, establishment and compounds in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf States, in the scope of landscaping and irrigation control, due to SATMA’S profound belief that the beauty of the house is not only in variety of rooms, elegance of furniture or spaciousness of halls. However true beauty lies in the house’s beautiful gardens, attractive flowers and shady trees, provided well-ordered by modern ideas, which is SATMA ’S conception.

SATMA is moreover aware of requirements for successful execution of projects that is with proper engineering design, and advanced planning along with the necessity of special ample filed supervision, skilled laborers and control programs.

Our Website:- www.satma.ae


Satma International LLC
Satma International LLC

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Office 204, Al Khor Plaza, Shk Rashid Road Port Saeed, Abu Dhabi

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