February 8, 2023

About Company

Founded in Abu Dhabi in 1997, SCCB ( Silver Coast Construction & Boring ) is today one of the leading civil-engineering and construction companies in the United Arab Emirates – developing some of the largest and most significant projects for both public and private sectors.

Silver Coast proudly delivers project management and engineering solutions through a diverse set of operational divisions, together with the highest level of industry qualifications and advanced technical equipment, to provide integrated solutions for major civil engineering works, MEP, tunneling and architectural works in accordance to the highest international standards.

– Our core mission is to meet clients’ requirements in the engineering and construction sector with stringent adherence to quality, time, safety and environmental care.

-To develop an effective management system that stresses on productivity, perpetual development of the organisation, and instilling work ethics in all personnel.

-To build value for the organisation in order to become a unique and distinct company within the our industries.

-To remain focused on organisational growth while recognising those who contribute to this growth.

SCCB continues to move forward to become one of the leading Engineering and Construction Companies in the UAE, and eventually, the region, by consistently delivering projects that go beyond client’s expectations.

Our Services:
–Design and Build
–Architectural Engineering
–Electro-Mechanical and Plumbing
–Customized and fine-tuned fabrication
–Facility Management

Our Website: www.silvercoast.ae


Silver Coast
Silver Coast

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00971-26214494 Fax: 00971-26219228
P.O Box 36808, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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