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February 23, 2024


The UAE ETender Gate Portal Co. is an all-inclusive resource for business information and a services search engine. The platform’s primary objective is to compile a daily list of projects and bids from the public, private, and GCC sectors on a single platform. The platform is run by the GCC Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and is licensed as ETender Gate Portal co Trade License No.1145196. The platform was launched in 2019.


We examined over 164 datasets based on actual data collected from businesses, facilities, and organizations operating in all major economic sectors across the country. This research resulted in unfavorable conclusions because we were unable to find a single source of accurate or recent data on all businesses, factories, or institutions. A different internet search engine, for example, revealed that there are 1,200 factories, whereas some authorities claimed that there are 4,500 factories in total. There are obvious inconsistencies in the information we gathered from the various organizations that represent the UAE’s private sector.  It was from there that the idea for launching an official comprehensive platform, a list of factories and companies broken down by sectors, as well as a daily report of government tenders, private sector tenders, companies winning contracts, and GCC tenders, came about. As we gather information from all 92 government departments in the UAE and follow each tender-winning company, we can then re-post it along with information to support corporations in the private sector as well.


Tender Gate Portal is a technological platform that serves as a communication channel for all current and future businesses in the United Arab Emirates. We have collaborated with numerous ministries and governmental, semi-governmental, and private organizations to obtain accurate and up-to-date data for the business sector both within and outside the UAE. This has yielded astonishing results and piqued the interest of investors and business owners both inside and outside the country.