February 9, 2023


The Tenders Business Portal of the United Arab Emirates is a complete informational business portal, and a search engine for services. The basis of the platform’s work is to develop a daily statement of government, private and GCC tenders and projects. The platform is affiliated with the GCC Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry with operation of Tender Gate Portal Center license number 1145196. The platform was launched in 2019.


We researched over 164 datasets based on actual information collected from companies, factories, and organizations across the country’s economic sectors. We discovered the negative results from this research because we could not find a single source of accurate or up-to-date information on all companies, factories, or institutions. For example, we found out that there are 1,200 factories in another internet search engine while some Authorities reported that there are 4,500 factories in general. It is clear that there are discrepancies in the data we have collected from the various bodies representing the private sector in UAE.

And from it came the idea of ​​launching an official comprehensive platform, a statement of factories and companies divided into sectors, as well as a daily report of government tenders, private sector tenders, and companies winning contracts and GCC tenders so its federation information’s to UAE as we collect the 92 government departments in the country and follow each tender wining company and re post it with it information to support corporation in private sector also we give information report about the GCC Tenders.

It is a technology platform as a communication channel between the public and private business sectors and investors in communication for all existing and proposed businesses in UAE. We have cooperated with many ministries, governmental, semi-governmental and private companies to obtain accurate and updated data to serve the business sector inside and outside UAE. This has given remarkable results and interest from business owners and investors inside and outside the country.