The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) has recorded the highest increase in trading value among the Arab financial markets in May at 292.64 percent while the Palestine Exchange topped the list in terms of trade volume increase, according to Arab Monetary Fund (AMF).



The AMF in its monthly newsletter covering Arab financial markets published today (June 11) said that the return of activity of initial public offerings (IPO) had boosted the performances of Arab financial markets last month, thus increasing the value of overall trading to nearly $107.22 billion.



The AMF’s composite index of Arab capital markets recorded a decrease of 1.29 percent at the end of May 2022 compared with the end of April 2022, reaching some 502.73 points.



The market value of Arab markets too recorded a slight decrease by 0.6 percent, amounting to $5.168 billion, at month end.



The Beirut Stock Exchange topped Arab exchanges in terms of market capitalisation gains with an increase of 39.50 percent, reflecting the rise in trading activity in the banking sector.



Arab exchanges recently continued their efforts to expand their scope through new offerings, most notably the IPO of “Borouge” on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, which is the largest initial offering in the history of the market and recorded total proceeds of some $2 billion, supporting the market’s activity.



Concerning the value of trading in Arab exchanges, May witnessed an increase in the value of trading of Arab financial markets listed in the AMF’s database by 36.45% compared with the end of April 2022, which is due to increased trading in six Arab stock exchanges.



However, eight Arab exchanges witnessed declines in their trading during the same period.



The trading volume of Arab exchanges increased by some 3.61 percent in May 2022, reflecting the rise in the trading volumes of seven Arab exchanges while eight Arab exchanges recorded declines in their trading at the end of May 2022.



In terms of market value, financial markets recorded a slight decrease of about 0.63 percent at the end of May 2022 compared to the end of April 2022, reaching a value of $5.168