The Abu Dhabi Space Debate (ADSD), organised by the UAE space agency is expected to present opportunities to develop new partnerships in the space sector.

The event, which will kick off today at the ADNOC Business Centre, will highlight the new geopolitics of space and ways to strengthen international law for the use of space. More than 52 space entities from 46 countries are participating in the two day event.

According to Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology, the presence of leaders from the countries active in the field of space adds special value to the event, which aims to draw new global strategies for space exploration.

Nasa administrator Bill Nelson is among the delegates. The head of the European Space Agency and the head of Japan’s Jaxa are also attending ADSD.

“The event is  a significant opportunity to develop partnerships in the space sector, enhance global cooperation in all areas related to space and promote sustainable development, to come up with a unified vision that supports space programmes,” Sarah Al Amiri, said.

“The topics that will be handled during the event reflect the vital role played by the UAE in formulating an international consensus to accelerate cooperation among various stakeholders in the space sector due to the unprecedented challenges facing the world,” she added.

The event is expected to showcase UAE’s ability to lead a targeted dialogue to achieve sustainable development and build a better future for generations.

The ADSD is especially relevant today as the planet’s skies continue to fill up with more defunct rocket parts and dead satellites, and this orbital debris presents a growing risk to space ambitions.