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March 3, 2024

ADQ-backed Silal acquires majority stake in SAFCO Group

ADQ-backed Silal has acquired a majority stake in SAFCO Group, a UAE food and beverage distributor, in a deal that will bolster the company’s market presence and expand its footprint in the food service and distribution industry.

The Abu Dhabi-based agtech firm said the transaction aligns with its growth ambitions and significantly strengthens its presence in the hospitality, restaurant, and catering segments.

The company will leverage SAFCO’s 30-year track record in importing, distributing and exporting a wide range of premium food and non-food products across the UAE, Middle East and Africa.

SAFCO has continually strived to uphold its preeminent status through innovation, an expansive distribution network, cutting-edge facilities and commitment to delivering exceptional customer service.


The food and beverage distributor’s foundation rests upon a strong organisational culture, team loyalty, a strong work ethic, deep commitment and trust, all of which form the bedrock of the company’s operations.

The deal is expected to enhance Silal’s capacity to meet the market’s demand for a wide range of high-quality products.

It will accelerate the company’s efforts to enhance its food distribution.

Silal accelerates growth

Meanwhile, Silal introduced a blockchain-powered feature in October that allows consumers to trace the lifecycle of their food from farm to fork, as part of a broader strategy to enhance trust and transparency.

The introduction of the new feature is a milestone towards achieving food credibility, gaining customers’ trust and loyalty.

The agtech firm said enhancing food chain transparency is important for companies to ensure consumers of the quality of their products and to sustain efficient supply in the market, prevent foodborne illnesses, and detect the source of a problem in the event of an outbreak.

It also unveiled the Innovation Oasis, an innovation, research and development (R&D) centre in Al Ain to enable an ecosystem to advance the agrifood sector using cutting-edge technologies.

Through its built-in laboratories and training facilities, the 300,000 square meters R&D centre seeks to provide a hub for academic institutions, research organisations, and businesses to develop and trial technically robust solutions to boost agricultural growth and sustainably enhance production.

From maximising water efficiency to developing seeds, improving soil quality, and better irrigation water systems, Innovation Oasis tackles the key challenges facing agrifood production in the UAE and the region at large.