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February 22, 2024

Dubai.AI is city’s new concierge: How to access the AI-powered platform

Digital Dubai unveiled its Dubai AI platform (Dubai.AI), offering residents and visitors a comprehensive source of information and services covering various aspects of the city.

The platform is powered by generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) and is designed to answer queries in real-time, making users feel as though the responses are tailored specifically to them.

What is Dubai AI?

Digital Dubai has launched the Dubai.AI platform, a gen AI-powered digital city concierge.

It serves as a one-stop destination for users to access a wide range of information and services related to Dubai.

The platform covers sectors such as health, education, entertainment, business, and more. It is accessible to everyone, including citizens, residents, visitors, and business owners.

How to access Dubai.AI?

You can access the Dubai.AI platform through the official website of the city of Dubai (www.dubai.ae) and the DubaiNow app.

Digital Dubai plans to expand its availability by integrating it into various government websites and applications throughout the Emirate of Dubai.

What can you inquire about?

Dubai.AI allows users to inquire about a wide range of topics, including health, education (schools, institutes, and universities), tourist destinations, restaurants, transportation, sports, weather, environment, tourism, aviation, business, real estate, and more.

The platform aims to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information to assist users.

The Role of Generative AI

The Dubai.AI platform utilises gen AI to provide users with personalised responses in real-time. This means that when you interact with the platform, it feels like having a personalised digital assistant that caters to your specific queries and needs.

Promoting inclusivity

The Dubai.AI platform is designed to be inclusive, making it accessible to all categories of users, regardless of whether they are citizens, residents, visitors, or business owners. It aims to provide information and services to a diverse audience.


Digital Dubai has collaborated with government entities in Dubai to populate the Dubai.AI platform with accurate information and services from reliable sources. This partnership ensures that users have access to trustworthy and official data.

This initiative represents a significant step towards enhancing the digital experience for those in Dubai.