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February 22, 2024

Dubai International Chamber facilitates Mars Food’s entry to Ethiopian market

Dubai International Chamber, one of the three chambers operating under the umbrella of Dubai Chambers, has unlocked access to the Ethiopian market for the UAE’s Mars Food Industries.

The chamber helped facilitate the export of baby food products produced and manufactured in the UAE by the company’s Miralac brand to the East African nation, marking its first deal on the African continent.

Dubai Chambers hosted the signing of a commercial cooperation agreement between Mars Food Industries and Tana Ekt Trading, which will market and distribute Miralac baby food products in Ethiopia. The company is set to cater to a growing demand created by the country’s young population and the lack of availability of nutritious ready-made baby foods.

The Dubai Business Forum, which was organized by Dubai Chambers last year, served as a valuable platform to introduce Mars Food Industries to the Ethiopian market. During the event, Dubai International Chamber arranged bilateral business meetings between the company and a group of potential partners in Ethiopia, which resulted in the signing of a marketing and distribution agreement for Miralac baby food products with Tana Ekt Trading. The first shipment of Miralac products has since been exported to Ethiopia.

Mars Food Industries will continue to receive support from Dubai International Chamber through its international representative office in Addis Ababa, which will help the company expand its business into other African countries to provide affordable and high-quality baby food.

Abdulrahman Alameri, CEO of Miralac’s parent company Mars Food Industries, said that, “The African continent offers strong potential for growth, and we look forward to expanding into key markets including Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Mozambique. Our goal is not only to sell our products, we aim to contribute towards a healthier future in these countries by providing baby food as affordably as possible with the highest quality and nutritional value.”

Dubai International Chamber currently operates seven representative offices across Africa in Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, and South Africa. The chamber’s drive to support the international expansion of UAE business aligns with the objectives of the Dubai Global initiative, which seeks to establish a powerful network of 50 representative offices worldwide by 2030 and assist Dubai-based companies in exploring new business opportunities across 30 priority markets.