The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) emphasised that the Operating License, issued by FANR on 17th June, 2022, authorises the Nawah Energy Company (Nawah) to commission and operate the Unit 3 of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant with an estimated duration of 60 years.

In a statement today on the occasion, the commissioning phase will include loading the nuclear fuel assemblies into the Unit 3. FANR’s inspectors at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant will oversee the process to ensure it is completed according to regulatory requirements.

FANR will have around the clock inspection, using its resident inspectors at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant and deploying other inspectors, to ensure the fuel load and testing processes are completed according to requirements.

It also said that following the completion of the commissioning phase, FANR’s role will transform into oversight role during the commercial operation of Unit 3.