The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) held a session in collaboration with the Department of Islamic Affairs in Sharjah, as part of the Customer Councils initiative launched by the UAE Government.

The Council aimed to improve government services by engaging customers in designing innovative experiences based on their ideas and suggestions.

The session was attended by donors seeking to recover the VAT incurred on the construction and operation of mosques. FTA experts gave an overview of the conditions and mechanism for recovering VAT collected on mosques, in line with the Cabinet and Ministerial decisions that apply to all mosques in the UAE.

Refund requests for VAT incurred on the construction and operation of mosques must be submitted within specific timelines based on the completion date of the construction or the start date of mosque operation. Participants in the Customer Councils session had the opportunity to ask questions and share their views on the VAT refund mechanism for mosques and FTA’s services in general. The Authority reiterated its commitment to engaging customers in its development and modernization plans.

Customer Councils facilitate communication between customers and the UAE Government to align government services with customers’ aspirations, understand their needs, and enhance communication. These Councils seek innovative ways to upgrade government services and establish an effective communication channel with customers. They offer a platform for presenting key projects designed based on the takeaways of Customer Councils sessions.