February 9, 2023

About Company

Consolidated Consultants Group (CCG) is a pioneering architectural and engineering consultancy firm that provides a comprehensive range of services in the fields of design, management and specialized studies.

Our passion and success are driven by our unwavering commitment to finding and implementing inventive solutions that ultimately create long-term partnerships with clients, agencies and communities alike. To maintain our standing at the helm of our industry, we abide by a carefully studied set of corporate operational values, with a special focus on designs that are both environmentally conscious and culturally relevant.

CCG is committed to providing comprehensive solutions and consulting services that are innovative, reliable and environmentally integrated and we strive to make a valuable contribution towards sustainable development.

Our vision is to be a leading international consultancy and preferred trusted provider of services that contribute to the sustainable development of the ever-changing world.

Our Website: www.group-cc.com


Consolidated Consultants Group CCG
Consolidated Consultants Group CCG

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P.O.Box 38442

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