February 8, 2023

About Company

The foundation of Dennemeyer’s extraordinary success story was laid more than 60 years ago in Luxembourg. Since 1962, Dennemeyer has earned a reputation for setting the service standard in the IP industry and remains dedicated to discovering and developing improved ways to protect and preserve Intellectual Property rights around the world. Initially a patent law firm, Dennemeyer soon became a full service provider, addressing our services to the entire chain of IP management. A succession of innovations has transformed the company headquartered in Luxembourg into one of the world’s largest IP service providers.

What you can expect from us:

We believe that quality is a prerequisite when working with a service provider. Every provider or IP law firm will agree on this; but, only a few have evidence. This proof of quality is why years ago we invested in an effective Quality Management program to plan, conduct and constantly monitor our service quality and guarantee customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the security of information and other assets is fundamental to our business success. Our information security management system conforms to the internationally accepted best practices as defined in relevant security standards, procedures and guidelines, following ISO 27001 and BSI IT security baselines.

IP Services :
-IP Maintenance
-IP Software
-Trademark Protection
-Patent Protection
-Design Protection
-IP Defense
-IP Consulting

Our Website: www.dennemeyer.com


Dennemeyer and Associates S.A
Dennemeyer and Associates S.A

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