February 8, 2023

About Company

GULF CONTRACTORS CO LLC was established in 1988 and is now one of the leading general contracting companies in the UAE.

Complementing the solid business background, vast local construction knowledge and rich foreign ,experience are giving GC deep and diversified roots, with the resources and ability to undertake, construction large GC is to date recognized as a competitive, dedicated and responsible contractor.

The partners of GC wanted to further the company’s expansion and development in Abu Dhabi and other emirates, in response to the call for the private sector to contribute to the infrastructure of the country consequently GC is to date recognized as a competitive, dedicated and responsible contractor.

Furthermore in line with the recommendations by the highest authorities and senior management, GCC has
implemented a quality program based on the ISO 9001-2015 standards, which resulted in
certification in mid-2001. Our quality management system is certified for: the provision of civil,
electrometrical, and sewerage contracting services.
GC is active in the following construction activities:

_Civil Engineering, Construction
_Irrigation, Landscape & Agriculture
_Retaining wall Constructions
_Sea wall, MSE Walls, Gabion walls Construction
_Buildings Construction
_Pipeline Construction (Water, Storm, Irrigation, Sewerage & Drainage).
_Industrial Construction
_Marine Construction
_Electrical Works
_Mechanical Works
_Instrumentation Works
_Operation and Maintenance

“Throughout our history, we’ve helped our clients get more out of their construction investments by working closely with them. We have listened to their needs and made suggestions based on our experience to save them money and time with their projects.
We have become expert in such areas as construction planning, materials, technology and methodology.
Our people bring tremendous expertise to what they do.
That knowledge has repeatedly translated into specific benefits for project owners.
The following statements represent Gulf Contractors’ Way of doing business:

_We conduct all business openly, honestly and fairly.
_We are available at all times to address any client concerns.
_We make quality a cornerstone of each client’s project.
_We use all available and appropriate resources to achieve rapidly the goals of our clients.
_We embrace advances in construction methods/materials technology to maximize the benefits for our clients.
_We provide reliable, dependable solutions using our proven tactical (or ‐strategic) process.
_We thoroughly implement “Safety First” policy and procedures.
_We work to protect and enhance our natural surroundings.
_We are conservative in protecting our clients’ investments, progressive in staying ahead of
trends, and flexible by adjusting to fluctuating market cycles.

_Our mission is to create a vibrant environment for all members of society. As a company, we will be a good corporate citizen, providing high quality service at reasonable prices.
_We will pioneer the creation of new value, meet our clients’ needs, respect a diversity of views and ideas, and honour the relationship of humanity in the natural environment.
_We will encourage open communication that promotes project success, and facilitates an honest exchange of information between our clients and our Project Teams, allowing us to best
achieve each owner’s particular project objectives.

“GCC’s corporate envisages vision to be recognized by our clients as being “”best in class”” in
providing innovative approaches, construction solutions, value added and cost effective
construction industry.


Our Website: www.gccagri.com


Gulf Contractors Company L.L.C
Gulf Contractors Company L.L.C

Contact Details

00971-26509000 Fax: 00971-26509001/2
info@gccagri.ae / david@gccagri.ae
P.O. Box: 94574 Murror Road Abu Dhabi, U.A.E