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February 22, 2024

About Company

As a leading Deep Foundation Specialist in the UAE, IFG is committed to expanding using its rich experience and vast capabilities. The success of our organisation depends upon the commitment and rigour of our employees. We are proud to have a capable team with a visionary leader guiding us and increasing our already in depth expertise. As quality is of paramount importance we have effective mechanisms in place to ensure highest productivity without compromising on safety or damaging the environment. Our core principles and values include:

To deliver projects to our customers on time, on budget and to their satisfaction.
To provide a world class service and experience.
To operate a constructive and open culture and cultivate an effective partnership with our customers.
To operate in a safe and healthy environment.
To employ the best industry practice and strive for excellence through continuous improvement and innovation.
To mitigate environmental impact.
To provide value engineering for our customers.

Our Services:

IFG is the fastest growing micro tunneling company in the Middle East with the most advanced and extensive micro-tunneling equipment in the U.A.E. & IFG specializes in the installation of potable water, sewerage, irrigation, district cooling & other pipelines.

IFG’s piles have formed the foundations of some of the most iconic landmarks in U.A.E.
IFG’s vast experience, in-depth knowledge in ground engineering & wide range of equipment / machinery has provided the best Geo-technical solutions across the region.

Kilometers of shoring works / retaining walls have been successfully completed, sometimes in tight, congested urban areas, commonly to 24 meters depth but often deeper.
IFG has constructed by diaphragm wall method shafts of 16 meters internal diameter and 51 meters deep, this being the deepest completed to date in U.A.E.

IFG has provided solutions for soil improvement to serve many developments and so ensure successful construction, through:

Soil Mixing Methods
Curtain Walls
Pressurized Grout Injection
Mass Grouting of Cavity Filling

Our Website: www.ifguae.com



Contact Details

00971-24499242 / 00971-42429622 Fax: 00971-24499243 / 00971-42429621
P. O.Box : 28796 ,Abu Dhabi

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