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February 28, 2024

About Company

Nurol has extended the success and strength of the Nurol Group of Companies to the Gulf Countries, where Nurol Limited Liability Company was established by partnering Nurol Construction and Trading Company Co. Inc. and H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Advisor to His Highness The President of the UAE in the United Arab Emirates in 2003. Nurol LLC Main Office is in Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Branch is in Dubai. Nurol LLC has a “Special Grade” Construction License classified for realization of any type of infrastructure works, i.e. roads, tunnels, bridges, dams, marine works, deep utilities services, etc. in addition to superstructure works i.e. high-rise buildings, mass housing projects, steel structures, hotels, shopping malls, etc. for undertaking construction activities in United Arab Emirates.

Our Mission:

“Nurol strives to be a reliable construction company that realizes all kinds of civil projects up to the highest industry standards in the UAE. Our strength stems from our commitment to deliver a sustainable future through quality, reliability, and innovation.”

Our Vision:

“As a civil contractor, we aim to be the top choice partner to all industry stakeholders in the UAE by upholding our values and principles to the highest standards.”

Nurol L.L.C. was established by Nurol Construction and Trading Company Co. Inc. and H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan in the United Arab Emirates in 2003, in turn continuing the strong tradition of strength and success of the Nurol Group in the Gulf countries. Nurol L.L.C. main office is situated in Abu Dhabi, with an office location also established in Dubai. Nurol L.L.C. holds an “A class” contracting license in infrastructure services, roads, tunnels, bridges, high-rise buildings, mass housing projects, steel structures, dams, and utility services, allowing Nurol L.L.C. to undertake all types of construction activities in the United Arab Emirates. Though we have only been operating in the U.A.E. since 2003, we have shown an exemplary record of growth over this short period of time, having completed more than USD 2.0 Billion worth of projects to date. Furthermore, Nurol L.L.C. employs more than 13, 700 workers in addition to owning a $40 Million machinery park despite the regional and global crises which has led to a worldwide recession. The projects completed by Nurol L.L.C.

Our Website: www.nuroluae.com


Nurol L.L.C.
Nurol L.L.C.

Contact Details

00971-26666810 Fax: 00971-26663510
P.O. Box: 46254, Abu Dhabi , UAE

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