February 9, 2023

About Company

Established in 2010 in Dubai, TARABAY GENERAL TRADING LLC has demonstrated a progressive growth that puts it with direct competition with the big names in the business, making it one of the leading company in military supply.

TARABAY GENERAL TRADING LLC continues to grow with a marketing policy based on quality products, competitive prices, excellent after sales service and punctuality. TARABAY GENERAL TRADING LLC represents many regional and international manufacturers with products pertaining to the Construction, HVAC, Office Furniture, Kitchen Supply and various other sectors.

TARABAY GENERAL TRADING LLC is one of the leading company to execute projects of diverse Building Materials, Furniture’s, Armored cars, IT & Computers, Security, Telecommunication, Stationery, Customs Uniform and many more.

TARABAY GENERAL TRADING LLC is a professional firm involved in trading operations in United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Djibouti, Afghanistan and Qatar, UAE Military, US Army, US Air Force, US Navy & other Prime Contractors from the governmental sectors.

TARABAY GENERAL TRADING LLC has a unique competitive edge in this marketplace, providing our clients with well-informed and timely response that position us as the premier local partner for suppliers, manufacturers and investors. TARABAY GENERAL TRADING LLC was established in 2010 in Dubai, U.A.E. with a mission to become One of the leading supplier in the GCC and it has also established a number of strategic partnership with leading industrial groups such as HP, Cisco, Rex Rotary, Samsung, Ricoh, Perkins, Multi Ray, Bobcat, Caterpillar, Grainger etc.

Strive for total customer satisfaction through quality service and constant communication.

Provide products that meet the customer’s expectation by teaming up with well established suppliers.
Promote up-to-date products that will give the customer a competitive edge.

Attract highly qualified employees, who will ensure the constant progress of the company and the continued service to the customer
Continue to explore new territory.


-Building Material
-Custom Uniform
-Kitchen Supply
-Office Supply
-Construction Services
-IT & Computers
-Plants & Machinery
-Security Services

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Prequalification- GCC L&D

Our Website: www.tarabaytrading.com



TARABAY GENERAL TRADING LLC طربيه للتجارة العامة ش ذ م م
TARABAY GENERAL TRADING LLC طربيه للتجارة العامة ش ذ م م

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P.O Box 75051 ,United Arab Emirates

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