With the majority of the UAE schools approaching summer break, this week marks the final working week for most, with institutions marking Father’s Day and organising Eid celebrations at school.

Some families travel early making the most of the Eid break, clubbing it with the long summer break that commences just after the festival, for most schools.

Khaleej Times spoke to a cross section of families who shared their thoughts and how they are looking to maximize their time off and enjoy an extended vacation together.

American expat in the UAE, Shukri Deria said: “I have two children, a son who is in Grade 4 and a daughter in Grade 6. They actually end school on July 5. But as the Eid Al Adha holidays have been announced in the UAE, we decided to leave for the US on Tuesday night, which is tomorrow, as we want to spend this Eid with our loved ones in the US.”

She added: “We thought why not utilise this long weekend to travel. When friends and family come together on festive occasions like Eid, you obviously create a memorable experience not just for yourself but even for your children. So, needless to say we are looking forward to travelling, meet and greets and enjoying some culinary delights as we escape the summer heat. We are all thrilled!”

Many British-curriculum schools will resume weeklong classes after the Eid Al Adha holidays before they end the academic term.

Filipino expat in Dubai Ben Lebig said: “My daughter Isabella is in Year 9 at a British school, and she has progress tests going on all along up until Eid holidays. They have it every year before the academic session ends. So, she is caught up with revisions and busy taking those exams. Then they will break for Eid Al Adha holidays for a week and resume classes for the final week in July before the summer vacations begin.”

He added: “For me as well, it’s a busy season in terms of work. So, at best we might plan a staycation during the Eid holidays.”

Students reiterate the summer break offers a much-needed break from the daily routine of school, exams, and homework.

French national and Grade 4 student Daria Dubois said: “I am waiting for the holidays to begin so that I can sleep longer, and I am also excited about visiting my grandparents later. I will miss my school friends though.”

Year 2 student of an IB curriculum school, Aakash Nandi said: “We have a lot of interesting activities in school the last week. We have an end-of-year house assembly. We also have a year-end party on Friday, and I am really looking forward to it. My mum will send mini pizzas to school with me, which I will share and eat with my classmates. We will play .